Its a "thank you raiser" not a Fundraiser

3 Ivy.png

It all started when…

We at Two Spirit sat down and said we need a brand new fierce look. We need to show the Central Florida community that we are here! So we rebranded and said how are we going to tell everyone? Well, we looked around and said "fundraisers are expensive and we want our patients and the community to be able to enjoy themselves." From that conversation Teal Tie was born!

This is a party to say "thank you" so we have created the term "thank you raiser" to show you, our friends how much we appreciate you. All that we ask of you is that you wear our colors of teal and fuchsia to celebrate the new look of Two Spirit Health. Don't worry though, we will accept you in a darker color with a pop of color! 

This year we have an amazing elements in store. The first being from Rupaul's Dragrace Season 5, IVY WINTERS! From Dragula Season 2, VICTORIA ELIZABETH BLACK, hailing from Atlanta EVAH DESTRUCTION, local comedy queen ADDISON TAYLOR, the fierce AYSIA BLACK & hosted by the diva herself, ANGELICA SANCHEZ!