marisol Acevedo
business Office specialist/medical assistant

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Marisol Acevedo graduated from Florida Education Center in Ft Lauderdale and prides herself as a proactive advocate for the LGBTQ community. She has more than a dozen years as a medical assistant. Her passion is to empower others to take control of their medical needs to ensure getting good information and effective decision-making. Of special note, Marisol is well-versed in working with multi-lingual patients.

leanza clute
Business office specialist


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Hailing from Jacksonville, Leanza moved to Orlando to pursue her college degree and to experience the diverse culture that Orlando hosts. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2018 with a degree in Digital Media ((Go Knights!)) Leanza is always thrilled to be a part of LGBTQ+ community here in Orlando and looks forward to deepening her personal connection with those in need. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, photography, video games, and spending time with her animals.

Charlene deshommes
Medical Assistant

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Charlene B-Deshommes has worked as a medical assistant in Central Florida for nearly a decade. She attended the Americare School of Nursing where she earned her medical training.  Her passion is to provide quality medical services to all her patients.

Julian Mondesir
Medical Assistant

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A highly dedicated professional, Julian Mondesir is passionate about helping those in need while contributing to the advancement of the medical field. Over the course of his nine-year career, Julian has acquired a wealth of experience including as a customer service specialist for a leading specialty pharmacy, a radiology technician, and most recently, as front office manager for a medical office. Julian understands diplomacy and tact are required in the healthcare profession, and strives to go above and beyond in his workplace interactions. Originally from New York, Julian enjoys taking trips to his home state as often as possible. In his free time, he also explores Orlando's theme parks with his girlfriend, bikes on trails, and volunteers in the community. A lifelong learner, Julian is always up for learning and acquiring new skills. Julian feels fortunate to be part of the Two Spirit Health team, particularly because he places great value on the core principles of diversity and inclusion.

Lillian VargAS, M.D. FACP
Board Certified Internal Medicine

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Dr. Lillian Vargas is an integral part of the Two Spirit Health family. Valued by her co-workers, she also reports satisfaction in her work as a medical provider, with “gratitude” for the patients she serves; adding they “are close to my heart”. Dr. Vargas has a rich history of experience and service prior to joining Two Spirit Health Services. She started her education with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude and worked as a CPA briefly to save her income and study medicine. She attended medical school in Spain and returned to the United States to complete a residency in Gainesville, Florida. She then worked for the Federal Government for 20 years in various settings, and then entered the Army Ready Reserves for 15 years. She continued working in hospitals throughout Florida and Puerto Rico. During this time she was an associate professor of Medicine in Puerto Rico and at the University of South Florida. She has also contributed her wealth of experience to serve in many international missions, and as a volunteer provider in Orange County Clinics and Shepherd’s Hope. When she is not helping the community stay well, she enjoys reading books about history and playing instruments such as the Mandolin and the Cuatro.

Stephanie Hunter


Stephanie Hunter is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 2 years experience in Primary care and 9 years experience in Neurology, Cardiology, ER and Trauma. She was born in Miami and was raised in Medellín, Colombia making her proud to be a bilingual Nurse Practitioner.  Stephanie obtained her bachelor’s degree at the University of Miami (GO Canes!) and completed her Graduate school at Purdue University.

Educating her patients is important to Stephanie as she strongly believes it gives the patients the right tools to succeed when they fully understand their personal health care plan. Stephanie is compassionate and is very welcoming to all of her patients, believing it is important to treat everyone as if they were her own family.

Stephanie is a proud Military Spouse and her husband has currently been serving in the US Army for the last 13 years. She has a 5-year-old Son and is currently expecting her second child. On her spare time, she loves to read books and play Sudoku on her time off.

Inga Jennings

Inga Jennings MBA, MS, APRN, FNP-BC is dedicated to the Two Spirit Health mission and goals.  She started her education with a Bachelor in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida. Later, she received a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  She received a Master of Science in Family Medicine from the University of South Florida. While attending the University of South Florida she was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.  Initially, Inga Jennings became licensed as a nurse in 2011 and has gained diversified health care experience in areas including Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Gerontology, and Adolescent Health.  Jennings is BLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC certified.  A self-described lifelong learner, she enjoys continually acquiring professional updates in medical technology, and the evolving science of and advances in healthcare.  As a volunteer at the Good Samaritan Clinic of the Talbot House, which serves the homeless population and the uninsured, she developed a passion for providing the highest quality health care for the uninsured and underinsured, in addition to providing such care to insured patients. 

Inga Jennings enjoys swimming, attending concerts, the theatre and comedy show, as well as writing poetry, learning to play the guitar and spending time with her family. 

Samantha wheeler
Business office Specialist


Samantha Wheeler have been married for 18 years and have 2 children and 1 dog.  She loves to travel, go on adventures and love the outdoors.  She travels with her family to Africa frequently to visit her husband’s family. Samantha love to enjoy the beach, walks, and reading. She is also passionate about alternative medicine and she holds a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

Community Outreach - Testing and Prevention

fred cotto-lewis
Community outreach coordinator, certified HIV Tester 

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Frederick Cotto-Lewis is a native to Orlando, born and raised in the City Beautiful. He has used his personal experiences in his work as a Recovery Specialist, HIV Advocate, and Outreach Coordinator to help others transform their lives. In 2017 Frederick received the “Unsung Hero” award in recognition of his outstanding advocacy in HIV/AIDS prevention and Treatment for the Black Community and Communities in general from the Multi-Cultural Addictions Network, Inc. and the Central Florida NBHAAD Planning Committee. With discipline and persistence, Frederick has been an example of the possibilities that are available to all when we move beyond the labels that are placed on us. Using his experience as someone who was once homeless, a recovering addict, an ex-convict and an individual living with HIV Frederick extended himself into the community, providing hope where there was fear. For over 10 years Frederick has committed himself to empower those among us who most need inspiration. Working with Two Spirit Health Services and community partners he has been a bridge between providers and clients engaging them to remain in care, get tested for HIV and start PrEP.  In his work, he has addressed various issues that have been barriers for clients and through his dedicated efforts continues to help clients’ access medical, emotional, economic, and social services. “I love to share my hope, strength, and recovery when we are willing to face our truth we begin the road to self-love. It only happens when we keep it real, keep it simple and keep it honest, that's my attitude." 

Ken Terrell
Community outreach coordinator, certified HIV Tester

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Ken Terrell is a state-certified HIV tester and has been working locally for more than six years. Ken characterizes himself as a proactive advocate for the community with almost a decade of volunteering for non-profit organizations. His passion and charisma for helping and empowering others have led him to focus on providing hope to those without easy access to resources throughout the community. Ken’s priority has been to become well-versed in understanding the needs of those in the LGBTQ+, seniors, those living with HIV, HIV prevention, PrEP, and intervention. He also tries to make his interactions with clients as positive experience as possible.