Every medical patient at Two Spirit Health Services works with a primary care team, which includes a primary care provider and a registered nurse who are actively involved in your care.

Our team of primary care providers specializes in a number of areas to ensure all patients – regardless of age, gender, or health status to have the specialized care they need, whether it be: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Transgender Health, Men or Women’s Health. Integrated Behavioral Health services are also available within the Primary Care setting.  Providing Integrated Care helps patients and their providers creating a team-based approach where mental health care and general medical care are offered in the same simultaneously. Two Spirit Health Services considers trans health care to be an integrated part of primary health care. All medical providers at Two Spirit Health Services are trained in and provide trans care, including hormone treatments.

Your provider serves as a team leader and coordinates all routine medical care: exams, lab tests, medical imaging, diagnosis, and treatment. In addition, your provider is concerned about emotional and lifestyle factors—such as stress, diet, substance use, or high-risk sexual behavior—that affect your health.  Two Spirit Health’s primary care providers work with patients to help them live happy, healthy lives.

On-site services include:

  • Primary Care

  • Family practice

  • Women’s Health

  • Men’s Health

  • Transgender Health

  • Well Child Care

  • Disease Prevention Acute & Chronic Disease Management

  • Recovery Substance Abuse

Program and Services

  • HIV, Hep C & STI Screening and Treatment

  • PrEP and Pep Treatments

  • Health Education

  • Health Maintenance Services

  • Lab & Diagnostic Service

  • On-site Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Savings Program

affiliate Partners with:

  • Imaging – NeuroSkeletal Imaging

  • Dental – Dynamic Smile Design

  • Alternative Health & Chiropractic – Joie de Vivre

Specialized Transgender Health

Two Spirit Health Services is the leader in specialized medical care for transgender persons, featuring hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for MTF, FTM, and gender-queer patients of all ages in a safe, friendly, and culturally competent atmosphere.