We provide health packages services to individuals and small businesses for preventive care.

we can help individuals and businesses gain freedom in selecting healthcare.

With community being one of Two Spirit’s greatest values, we see a need to help and support the medical and behavioral health needs of those with no ability to pay for traditional health insurance. With Two Spirit small business and individual health packages we offer an alternative to traditional health insurance offering preventative health benefits. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege…

When Should You Consider A Health Package?

  • You or your business can’t afford comprehensive major medical coverage

  • You don’t qualify for major medical coverage

  • You’re waiting for other forms of coverage to begin

  • You don’t have any options for major medical insurance

  • The cost of an employee plan is expensive

Two Spirit Health Packages

An Alternative to traditional healthcare insurance.

Two Spirit Health Packages:

Business Package Costs:

Business Health Packages are a qualifying tax deduction expense!

  • $500 monthly -  0 to 5 employees covered: 25 maximum medical appointments annually

  • $1000 monthly -  6 to 10 employees covered : 50 maximum medical appointments annually

  • $1,325 monthly - 11 to 15 employees covered: 75 maximum medical appointments annually

Individual Package Costs:           

  • $ 65.00/month: 5 maximum medical appointments annually

Health Package coverage includes:

  • One annual exam w/ full comprehensive labs     

  • Consultations

  • Prescription Savings Program

  • STI/HIV/HEP C screening

  • Access to Dental, Chiropractic and Imaging Services at a reduced cost

  • Chronic disease management- HIV/AIDS, HEP C, Diabetes, Arthritis, and other chronic conditions

  • Well Woman Care/Pap Smears

  • Men’s Wellness

  • Flu shots

  • Strep Throat Screening 

  • Urinalysis

  • EKGs                     

  • Pregnancy tests               

  • Any additional Laboratory tests at a reduced cost

Optional Behavioral Health Packages Add-Ons for Businesses

The Pulse tragedy has placed behavioral health care at the forefront of many people's minds. Not only is mental health tied to physical health, but research clearly indicates it is connected to job performance and employee absenteeism. Two Spirit Health Services offers affordable behavioral health packages with discounts of up to 25% off regular hourly rates.

  • Five behavioral health counseling visits for $275 and

  • Ten behavioral health counseling visits for $550.

The out of pocket cost to your employees is only $20 per session, which is equal to or less than most insurance co-pays.

Two Spirit Health Services is a “one-stop shop” health center,

where LGBTQ+ individuals and allies can obtain

culturally competent health services.

We provide comprehensive medical and behavioral health services

to individuals and small businesses.

Our Health Center provides the following medical and behavioral health services by Certified Board Physicians, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Certified Therapist/Counselors:

  • Primary medical care

  • Clinical Diagnostic Labs

  • Family practice – all ages

  • Women’s Wellness

  • Men’s Wellness

  • LGBTQ Specific Healthcare inclusive of Transgender specific health

  • Psychiatry

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • STI/HIV/HEP C Screening

  • PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, prevention tool for HIV disease

  • PEP – Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, an emergency treatment for HIV

  • Disease Management – HIV/AIDS, HEP C, Diabetes, Arthritis, and other chronic conditions

  • Pharmacy Program for discounted medications

Please contact our Affiliate Relations Coordinator for more information at

321-800-2922 ext. 1131

to discuss your wellness options.