Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis…which one is right for you?

I have so many clients who come to me saying, “Well I’m not fair skinned with dark hair, so I guess laser just won’t work for me.” Wrong! While the lasers of yesteryear may have been designed to only treat fair skin, the ones of today have come a long, long way.  We can successfully (and safely) treat all skin types from 1 (the whitest white) to 6 (the darkest). The only prerequisite to doing laser is that your hair color be brown or black.  The laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair, which is contained in brown and black hair.  That does not mean if you do not have dark hair, you are stuck sporting that unwanted hair you so desperately want to get rid of.  This is where electrolysis comes into the picture.  Although it is a longer process because it is a different method of hair removal, electrolysis is extremely effective in destroying it.  What about the people who have both light and dark hair? They’re the ones who utilize both methods.  We usually start with laser because it destroys 45-60 hairs each time it’s fired, so it’s a very quick process.  We then either do laser and electrolysis in tandem, or we finish laser and then begin electrolysis.

Laser destroys the course hairs first and since the finer and thinner hairs are harder to eliminate, electrolysis is sometimes needed to finish clearing an area.  They’re both very effective methods of hair removal and work very well together to eliminate unwanted hair. 

I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me and said “Oh laser doesn’t work for me.  I’ve already tried it and had little/no results.” I always tell them that not all lasers are created equal.  I have worked with plenty of lasers that I was not satisfied myself with the results.  I can honestly say that our laser has given me the best results out of all the lasers I have used.  This is one of the reasons I often offer a spot test during consultations.  I love being able to show people that they can get the results they desire. As someone who used to have to shave just about every day, I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have to waste time each morning dealing with that. When I recently had a house guest, she said “do you have a razor I can borrow?” and I actually had to search for one. That’s not a bad problem to have!

I would love to discuss your options with you and how I can help you on your journey to becoming hair free. Call me for a consultation and we can discuss which method is right for you to get you on your way to being hair free!