Relationship Coaching

Relationships are important. Our relationships define how we see ourselves and how we view others. Many people think that having the relationship they want is mysterious and only obtained through chance. Others still think that love is either fleeting or not possible for everyone. The truth is that getting and keeping a relationship is a skill that can be learned and developed just like anything else. Yes, it is complex, but the more you know about how you choose and behave in relationships, the more likely you will be successful at it. Below are some questions frequently asked by new clients:

Does couples’ counseling really work? YES! There are specific techniques and strategies that you can learn to make your relationship more successful and fulfilling. The number one reason why couples’ counseling fails is that one, or both, of the individuals finds he/she is not willing to make the changes necessary in order to make the relationship work.

Can you really help me find true love? Dating is a skill. Therefore, learning how to date well is an exercise in skill development. There is a lot of information you can learn about how to date well and data you can collect from your past experiences that can highlight areas for improvement. No one can guarantee true love, but we are dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to meet people that might be a good fit for you.

I can’t afford it. We have a pricing structure that offers lots of opportunities for us to do business together.

I feel like we’ve already tried everything. Maybe it’s just not possible for us.   That can always be true, of course. Most relationships that fail do so because one or both parties are not willing to learn and grow as a couple. Relationships are hard work. If you can accept that, you can learn how to be successful at them. It really isn’t as complicated as you think and you can really have the relationship you want. Let us show you how.

What more do I need to know about seeing a therapist?  All therapists are required to meet the same standards of training and education for licensure and practice.  The difference lies in the professional therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.  All our therapists are either part of the LGBT community or allies. We work with a solution-focused, problem-solving, strengths-based model with a touch of warmth and wit and are dedicated to customer service.  Your calls and emails will be answered promptly by our support staff you can rest assured that your appointment will always begin and end on time, so you can get on with your day.