Mental Health Boot Camp

We don’t pay attention.  Not really.  You probably tend to think you are very aware of your surroundings and what everyone is doing and why, but research and statistics tell a different story.  We really don’t pay attention to a lot going on around us.  There is so much to do and so many people, places and things vying for our attention, we tend to be focused on what we discern is the most important and discard the rest.  More importantly, we really don’t pay attention to ourselves.  There is a lot going on up in our brains, but we ignore most of it.  True a lot of it can be unimportant chatter, like the angry rant of a squirrel, but some of it describes who we are, how we see our reality and most importantly how we confirm and develop that reality around us.

I find most of our problems lie in we don’t listen to ourselves and what the continuous narrative up there is telling us about our lives. I created Mental Health Boot Camp out of a need to connect to a client who wasn’t doing well in therapy.  He said to me one day, “I think I would just rather drive my car into a pole.” His depression was so severe and he was having extreme difficulty in connecting to himself and motivating himself to work on treatment.

 Mental Health Boot Camp is a kind of journaling program used in a new way to help clients.  There is an enormous amount of research to support how the simple act of writing down our thoughts can help us gain a new understanding of ourselves, develop clarity of thought and help us use the thought process we have to overcome life’s obstacles and problems.

Through Mental Health Boot Camp, clients have become able to see themselves in a stronger, more positive light and recognize they have all the skills they need to obtain more peace, happiness and fulfillment in life.  Mental Health Boot Camp just helps provide the direction. The client I mentioned above eventually went on to college, became self sufficient, got into a relationship and…well…became happy.

Mental Health Boot Camp is really a matter of knowing how to direct your energies to their best use.

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