Dear Valued Patient,

You may be aware of a story that may be published by the Orlando Sentinel and which impacts myself and Two Spirit. The issue involves a former employee who has chosen to take advantage of the current climate of publicizing sexual harassment accusations by making false and defamatory statements in retaliation against me and the clinic.

This individual has taken an incident that involved poor judgment on my part and which was immediately addressed by our HR director. The matter was resolved through standard and proper human resource practices and in accordance with the law as it relates to these issues. I participated fully in the correction process and to this individual’s documented satisfaction.

However, sometime after resolution of this matter, this same individual made new demands related to this issue and which were rejected. He then walked off the job in such a manner that we were forced to involve law enforcement in his departure. Additionally, we received a call from someone representing this individual and making another demand on his behalf, which was also rejected.

He has chosen to retaliate using social media for posting a variety of lies about my conduct and our workplace. This issue is attracting media attention.

I have acknowledged and am sorry for my mistake which was limited solely to inappropriate communication. I participated in corrective action. A thorough internal review was conducted to the satisfaction of our Board of Directors. No legal or regulatory actions have been activated.

The aggressive news media climate blended with the social media landscape has made it shockingly easy for an individual to paint a distasteful and patently false scenario with untruths and misinformation. And there is nothing we can do to stop such activity.

We have retained a communications professional to assist us in factual outreach to the community, our partners and you, our valued patients, to be transparent and to protect Two Spirit. We have also retained legal counsel and am in the process of reviewing my options for legal action against this individual.

I value you as a patient to Two Spirit and the important work we do. I ask for your patience, understanding and friendship.


David Baker-Hargrove, Ph.D., LMHC, DAPA



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