Viviana Troche


Viviana Troche, Business Office Specialist:

I am a Puerto Rican cis woman, lesbian, artist and activist actively involved in the central Florida LGBTQ+ and sexual reproductive Justice movement. After experiencing loss and trauma from the Pulse Nightclub tragedy; I felt the urge to rekindle my activism in the social justice movement.
It was imperative that I find a place I was free to be my truth, and more specifically, a place where I did not have to be a teacher; a space where my own experiences were mirrored, and my image and story was uplifted, not challenged. I began doing artbase support groups and found my way to QLatinx. Through my participation as a core leader I recognize the importance of intersectionality in the social justice movements. I now organize to shift cultural narratives around reproductive Justice and LGBTQ+ rights in the Latinx community.
I face many unique struggles as a Queer, Latinx woman, not the least of which is continually finding my narrative co-opted or told for me. I found that these experiences are echoed by my community. I have made it my goal to help provide a safe place which allows the diverse voices of Central Florida find each other to heal. Doing so I found a home with Two Spirit.
My story is multi-faceted but has truly become fruitful in the light of the pain I’ve express after Pulse.