Sarah Hoskens Helman

Sarah Hoskens Helman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor:

Sarah Hoskens Helman is a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Counselor Education Master’s Program. She has completed Levels One, Two and Three of renowned couples’ therapist and researcher Dr. John Gottman’s Couples Therapy Training Program and has extensive experience and training working with substance abuse, as well as with LGBT couples and individuals. She has a passion for working with clients who are HIV positive, and has taught HIV Education classes and led HIV support groups for those living with HIV, as well as led Relapse Prevention and Processing groups for those struggling with substance abuse. Sarah loves working with the LGBTQ+ community and believes that, for LGBTQ+ couples, there is a unique dynamic that many couples’ counselors don’t quite grasp. With her couples’ clients, she works to understand the unique chemistry and underlying subtleties that make the relationship function. Sarah is proudest of her work with individuals with HIV. She believes counseling is an important part of understanding how to live with HIV rather than suffer from it, and is a strong advocate for spreading awareness and understanding of HIV to eliminate the stigma associated with it. Sarah understands HIV both as a physical affliction and as a mental health issue, and works with her clients to understand that life does not end with a positive diagnosis.