As A Girl Who Has Always Struggled

As a girl who has always struggled with her own self-esteem issues, this topic is one that is near and dear to my heart. We all have something (or many things) that we are insecure about. Some are easier to deal with or hide than others. One question I get asked often is, “What made you choose to pursue this career?” It’s simple, I love, love, love helping others feel their very best. We can look at someone and see this beautiful person, but if they don’t feel it, then it means nothing of what we think about them. We live in a world where we are judged harshly by what we look like on the outside. Too often, people don’t get a fair shot because assumptions are made by the outward appearance. So what are we to do? Well, there are certain things we cannot control, like height, the size of our hands and feet, etc… But there are plenty of things we can fix. I have so many clients who come to me because they are so self-conscious about the unwanted hair on their faces or bodies. I always tell them, “NO. You are not stuck with that hair and YES I can help you.”

I once had a client who had just moved here from Russia. She had a lot of facial and body hair and was far from happy about it. She brought her husband so he could translate for her. After the initial consultation, she left hopeful that I could help her tackle a lifelong problem that she had been struggling with. When she came in for her second treatment, no translation was needed. The smile on her face told me everything. She walked a little lighter, stood a little taller and had a confidence that she didn’t previously have. It was so heartwarming to see her transformation. When she was finished with her treatments, you would have thought she was a totally different person than the one who first started with me.

I see it every day, but it never ceases to amaze me how much removing hair can affect a person’s self-esteem. Those who don’t struggle with this issue cannot begin to understand the magnitude of what it does to you, and how good you feel about yourself when you have hair removal treatments.

Whether you’re a woman in menopause, a transgender woman, a teenager who is tired of being teased because they’re “too hairy,”or anyone else who doesn’t want to shave anymore…I can help you get to a place where you like what you see in the mirror. Call me to schedule a consultation.


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